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Week 1

  • Day 1-2: Color is 40% darker than what it will look like healed. Mild swelling, light bruising, redness, and discomfort will subside. Apply balm don’t touch otherwise. 

  • Day 3-7: SCABBING -Outer skin healing begins. Excess pigment begins to flake away. Do not pick at scab, this will affect your color retention. Skin will start to itch. Do not scratch, tap lightly around area. Keep applying balm. 

Week 2

  • Day 8-10:  Flaking is in final stages. Inner skin begins to look gray, light, or spotty. Natural skin color will appear later. Keep applying balm.

  • Day11-14: Skin begins to take on normal characteristics again. 

Week 3

  • Color starts to come back after disappearing or looking gray, light, and patchy. 

Week 4-8

  • Inner skin healing reaches its final stages. 



For 2 days following application of permanent cosmetics:

  • Cleanse brows with aftercare foam provided. Do this every 4 hours.

For 7 days following application of permanent cosmetics:

  • Apply balm every 4 hours

  • Avoid water contact.

  • Avoid sweating.

  • No acne treatments/washes.

  • No anti aging creams or serums.

  • No makeup on your brows or around the area. 

  • Do not touch procedure area(s) with your fingers, they may have bacteria on them and create infection. 

  • Use a clean cotton swab to apply given ointment. If you lose your balm you may use Aquaphor or vitamin A&D, as it is non-reactive in most clients. If you are allergic to them call your doctor for an alternative. ​

  • Do not use products that contain AHA’s on the procedure area (Example: Glycolic, Lactic acids. Always check your product labeling) it will fade your pigment color. 

For 2 weeks following application of permanent cosmetics:

  • Avoid chlorine pools, tanning, steam rooms, hot showers, jacuzzi and direct sun exposure. 

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