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Permanent Eyebrow Makeup


The powder brow technique is perfect for all skin types. This look is achieved using a single needle tattoo machine. Pigment is deposited into the skin in the form of tiny dots creating a powder-like effect. Ombre powder brows heal as a soft shadow. 

Ombre Powder Brows require two sessions. Because this is not a permanent tattoo, color is expected to fade 40-60% after the first session. Additional sessions may be needed depending on each individuals desired results. A Touch up should be scheduled 4-8 weeks after the initial session. Touch up price is not included in the initial service cost. Touch ups booked 4-8 weeks are $100, any touch up scheduled after that time frame will be $200.

Esta técnica es perfecta para todo tipo de piel. El pigmento es implantado con una sola aguja usando una maquina de tatuaje. Esta maquina hará que el pigmento sea depositado en cientos de puntos pequeños creando un efecto polvo. 

Ombre Powder Brows requiere dos sesiones. sesiones adicionales pueden ser requeridas dependiendo de los resultados que cada individuo deseé obtener. Un retoque tendrá que ser agendado después de 4-8 semanas de la primera sesión. El costo de los retoques no esta incluido en el costo del servicio inicial. Los retoques agendados 4-8 semanas después del servicio inicial tienen un costo de $100. Retoques hechos después de las 8 semanas tendrán un costo de $200. 



Brings a natural healthy blush to your lips. Gives the appearance of fuller lips by defining your lip shape. Covers blemishes, irregularities, and evens lip color.

Lip blush is a process. Color is expected to fade 40-60% after the initial session which is why multiple sessions may be needed to build the desired color intensity based on each individuals starting point. The number of sessions needed are based on several factors such as your lips undertones, the color you are wanting to obtain, how well your skin retains pigment, and if aftercare instructions are followed. Dark lips may need more than 4 sessions to obtain desired results. 

 Touch up prices are not included in your initial service cost. Touch ups booked 4-8 weeks are $100, any touch up scheduled after that time frame will be $200.

Los labios tendrán una imagen más saludable y un aspecto natural. Le dará la apariencia de labios voluminosos al definir la forma de los labios. Cubre imperfecciones, irregularidades, y empareja el color de labios.

eyeliner makeup


Using flesh tone pigments, skin discolorations are concealed. Paramedical tattooing blends discolorations with surrounding skin. Color is restored using a tattoo machine and permanent pigments. 

Scars may appear in a variety of colors such as red, purple, or white. The color of the scar indicates how old the scar is. White or pale scars indicate that the scar has fully healed. It is recommended that red and purple scars be treated by a dermatologist first. 

Results can be seen immediately after the first treatment however 2-3 sessions are needed to fully camouflage the area. All sessions needed are included in your initial price. 

Discolorations that can be


Stretch Marks

Surgery Scars

Tummy Tucks

Breast Augmentation/Reduction


C-Section + and more

Burn Scars

Self Harm Scars

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